Using iTunes Codes Internationally

Using the international iTunes codes we sell you can quickly and easily create an iTunes account for any country you choose and use it to make purchases and downloads just as if you are in that country. Our customers use this to access films, TV programmes, music, books and apps that are not available in their own country, or to download them before they become available in their own store. Many films and TV programmes, for example, are available in the US store before they are available in the rest of the world, while many international movies and TV programmes are only ever made available in their country of production.

You can browse other countries’ iTunes stores by scrolling to the bottom of any page in the iTunes store and clicking on the small circular flag then changing to the country of your choice, or if you have a specific download in mind a quick Google search will normally tell you which iTunes stores it is available in. We also regularly update information on our blog about downloads that are newly available in certain international iTunes stores. If you find a download you would like you can get it by buying a code from us for that country. Just select the correct country from the menu on the left, and select the value of the card you need. You can then pay through Paypal and receive your code by email. There are simple instructions here to use your code to create an iTunes account for the country of your choice, or if you prefer we can create your new iTunes account for you.

You can then use your new iTunes account to buy and download the items you want. All the items you download from any iTunes store are all stored together in your iTunes library and you can use them and play them seamlessly without any need to change your settings or switch accounts.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, and we hope you enjoy your iTunes downloads from around the world!