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Peter Kay Car Share series 2 – Out now in the UK iTunes store

Released into the UK iTunes store this week, Peter Kay’s Tv series “Car Share” is now available to download in the UK iTunes store.

This means that for those that have an iTunes account for a different country, it is not available in other stores so will not be available to download. However, setting up a UK iTunes account/Apple ID is really easy to do, from any country so regardless of which country you are in , you could set up your own account and be watching series 2 of car Share in no time!

Follow this link for a step by step guide to setting up a UK iTunes account on a iPad or iPhone

If you already have an iTunes account for another country that’s fine too, you can switch between them and once the UK account is set up there is full access to all available music, apps, movies, Tv and books.

So next you need to add credit into the account. This can be done through the use of iTunes gift card codes which can be bought online on our website and delivered via email. You can choose the amount of credit you want in the account (£10,£15,£25, £50 or £100) Car Share is currently £6.99 so you will need at least this amount in the account. But of course if you add more credit it does not need to be used at the same time, the balance will simply decrease as you make paid downloads.

UK iTunes gift card codes available to purchase here

Once the credit is in the account you are ready to sign in and download Car Share!



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