Sproing games introduce new mobile game Kiss Rock City – available on soft launch this week.

Want to know how to download and play the new mobile App Kiss Rock City? Stay right there and we have the latest details on how to download it whilst its on soft launch to play from anywhere in the world!

Kiss Rock City soft launch availability…

Austrian Game developers Sproing have soft launched their newest mobile gaming App on iOS in both Ireland and Australia. Developers often release new games slowly in a limited number of countries to test it out first and iron out any bugs before a larger/global release. This is know as a soft launch.

So if you already have an iTunes account for Ireland or Australia it’s readily available now to download!

Here’a preview…

Need an Apple ID for Ireland or Australia?

This is where we hep you to set up a brand new Apple ID for either Ireland or Australia to use from whichever country you are in and play the soft launch of Kiss Rock City right now!

Anyone can create a new Apple ID from any country, all that’s needed is an email address and access to an iPad or iPhone as the App store has now been removed from the desktop App.

To set up an account for either country it is completely free and Kiss Rock City is free to download. Though in app purchases can be made throughout the game. Taking advantage of buying IAP’s will require credit in the iTunes account. Credit can be added through the use of iTunes gift card codes. Further details are available below about our website and the purchase of iTunes gift card codes for Australia or Ireland.

To set up an account, choose from the links below which country you want to set up the account for the and follow the steps on an Ipad or iPhone:

How to create an Apple ID for Ireland

How to create an Apple ID for Australia

Once the account is set up simply log in using the new details and this will direct to the correct country iTunes store-the game can then be searched for in the App store and downloaded.

Switching back to another account is really easy through logging out and signing into the account you wish to access.

About miTunes.tv…

We consider ourselves one of the top sites for the purchase of iTunes codes and other gaming codes from all around the world. Payments are secure through Paypal, credit/debit card or Bitcoin and once we have received the order the code is delivered via email.

We have both Australian iTunes codes and Irish iTunes codes available in different denominations, which will provide you with access to make IAP’s throughout the game play of Kiss Rock City.

Other links you may find helpful are:

How to redeem an iTunes gift card code in the iTunes store?