Series 3 Our Girl – The Nepal Tour in the UK iTunes store

Michelle Keegan and Luke Pasqualino have returned to the BBC in the UK for series 3 of Our Girl – The Nepal Tour, where Georgie is on a humanitarian mission to help those in need following the Earthquake.

Checkout a sneak peak of episode 1:

Episode 1 was aired last night in the UK and is now available to download in the UK iTunes store. Each week after a new episode has aired it will then become available in the iTunes store. A series pass is currently: £6.99 SD or £8.99 in HD, which once purchased will provide access to the available episodes from season 3.

We have found that BBC dramas like Our Girl, are firm favourites with not just viewers in the UK but also outside so it doesn’t matter if you are in a different country; US, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain or anywhere else! We can help out with access to download and watch Our Girl season 3 , legally.

What is required to download Our Girl?

To have access to series 3 from the UK iTunes store, a UK Apple ID is required. Anyone can set up a UK Apple ID from any country, even outside Britain and it’s really easy to do as we show you below. If an Apple ID for another country is already owned/in use this will not matter, as it is easy to switch between numerous accounts.

How to get a UK Apple ID?

The instructions below are valid for iPhone/iPad account set up. As of recently (September 2017), it is not possible to set up an account for a different country on a PC/Mac.

  • From the home screen on the iPhone or iPad select “App store”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign out of an existing iTunes account.
  • Choose any “FREE” App and select “Get”.
  • In the pop up box choose “Create Apple ID”.
  • Follow the set up process to add an email address (this will be the new Apple ID) and password and change the country using the drop down box to “United Kingdom”.
  • Click agree to terms and conditions and select Next.
  • Select “None” under billing details and fill in name, address, phone number (A Google search can help with this) and head to the next page.
  • Apple will send a verification code to the email address provided.
  • Check for the email and confirm the code where requested on the iPad or iPhone.

How to purchase/download Our Girl?

Once the account has been set up, it will need credit added into it to allow the purchase download of Our Girl. As we mentioned above it is currently £6.99 SD or £8.99 in HD for a series pass.

Credit can be added to the account using UK iTunes gift card codes. These are easy to buy online and once purchased the code can be emailed. UK iTunes gift card codes can be purchased here , simply click the link, choose the amount of credit required (credit can also be added at a later date too for any future purchases) and the code will be delivered via email.

Once the code has been received it can be redeemed into the new iTunes account and the balance will be added to the account. Once the new Apple ID details are used to log in, a prompt to switch to the “UK iTunes store” will appear to which “yes” should be selected.

Details of how to redeem the code are below if required.

How to redeem an iTunes gift card code  

Our Girl download…

Once the credit is in the new iTunes account the search bar can be used to search for “Our Girl” , this will display all 3 series, simply select “Get” under series 3 and it will download into the iTunes library.

The episodes can then be viewed on any iOS device or laptop/PC.

We hope you found our blog useful today and enjoy Our Girl from right around the world!