Season 14 Grey’s Anatomy legal download

Season 14 Grey’s Anatomy is now out in the US iTunes store to download a full season pass for $34.99USD. Series 14 is not yet available in the UK iTunes store, so to get ahead and watch right away an Apple ID for the US is all that’s required!

It’s easy to set up an Apple ID for the US , from the UK or any other country and once it has been set up full access to the US store is then available including music, Apps, books, movies and other Tv seasons.

The initial set up of the US iTunes account must be done on an iOS iPhone or iPad, then after the set up has been completed the account can be used on a pc, laptop or Apple Tv to watch the tv seasons. The App store can now only be accessed on an iPad or iPhone.

To complete the set up of a US iTunes account click the link below and follow the instructions:

Guide to set up a US iTunes account using an iPad or iPhone

Usually a VPN is not required to complete the set up, but it has been know on occasion to be required.

How to put credit into the account?

Once the account is set up , there is one more step before downloading Grey’s Anatomy…putting credit into the account.

This is easy to do using iTunes gift card codes which can be purchased in different denominations, ordered online and delivered via email. Checkout our website using the link below to order:

US iTunes gift card codes online- delivered via email

Downloading Grey’s Anatomy…

It’s now time to download series 14!

Using the new login details the account can be signed into on any iOS device or laptop/PC and a simple search for “Grey’s Anatomy” this should display all available series so simply selecting “14” will begin the download. The password may need to be re entered to confirm the purchase, then the download will be stored in the iTunes library.