Play PAC-MAN maker in the Canadian App store!

Bandai Namco have soft launched a new game this week, PAC-MAN maker, available to download and play only in the Canadian App store. Discover today how to set up a Canadian Apple ID and start playing from any country in the world!

Already using iTunes? Not to worry multiple accounts for different countries can be used through signing in and out and all downloads will be stored in the same place regardless of which account is signed in at the time.

The Canadian App/iTunes store

Once an account has been set up for Canada full access to the App and iTunes store will be available to download Apps, music, movies and books. If free download content is selected it will not cost anything to set up the account and download any of the available content. If paid content is required then credit can be added to the account using Canadian iTunes gift card codes. The codes can be ordered online and delivered via email to then redeem into the account to add credit.

PAC MAN maker is a free App, however this is for a limited version. To unlock the full version it will cost $2.79CAD. Further details about the game are available using the link below:

PAC-MAN maker on iOS in the Canadian App store

How to create a Canadian Apple ID?

This can be done using an iPhone or iPad and following the instructions here

Once the account has been set up it is ready to log in and download and play the PAC MAN maker soft launch game!