Secure payment for iTunes codes using Bitcoin

One of our aims is to ensure that we are providing you with popular and accessible payment methods, so that you can easily order and purchase iTunes codes on our site and experience a quick and smooth transaction so you can receive your code in the fastest time.

With the launch of our new website,we have also added a couple of new payment methods. We have listened to your requests of features you have requested us to add to allow you that “no hassle transaction” and this week are pleased to have launched Bitcoin as a new payment method. It has a been very popular request and we hope you can take great advantage of it!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital currency, that allows you, the customer to spend money anonymously.  Bitcoins are not linked to the government/the bank meaning you can spend them anonymously. It is then up to the receiver of the Bitcoins to choose how they spend them. Bitcoins can spent on another site which accepts Bitcoin payments or can be exchanged to a real currency. The value of a Bitcoin varies from time to time, the same way the currency exchange rates fluctuate.

How will payment via Bitcoin on our site benefit you?

Paying for your iTunes codes on our site via Bitcoin is very fast and easy,allowing a smooth transaction.

Once we receive a Bitcoin payment the system then can quickly and automatically verify the payment. Once the payment has been verified and approved the order does not require any further manual verification. Unlike payments made using other methods such as credit/debit cards or Paypal, Bitcoin payments are 100% secure, so codes can therefore be instantly dispatched.

It is a primary focus of ours to ensure we deliver all codes in the fastest possible time no matter which payment method is used, however, we can guarantee that you will receive your iTunes code delivery extremely fast using the Bitcoin payment method due to the guaranteed security we have of payment protection.