New iOS gaming App Armed Heist soft launches in Sweden…

A game developer called Sozap has soft launched a new gaming App for iOS centred on a robbery and is a third person cover based shooter game, similar to the Payday series.

There’s not yet any details of when/if it will be released globally, so if you don’t want to waste time and would rather download the App NOW then read on for details of how to set up a Swedish App store Apple ID and get playing! It doesn’t matter which country you are located in, the set up can be completed free, from anywhere in the world!

Sozap have released a short clip, take a look:

The BETA version was initially released for players to get a feel of the game and we found it had great reviews. Checkout the Armed Heist forum using the link below for general reviews and comments about the game:

Ready to get started?

The account is free to set up and the game is free to download. Weapons can be built up with patience as progression is made through the levels. However, IAP’s are available to help upgrade weapon equipment.

Swedish iTunes codes can be purchased online here , which can then be delivered by email and redeemed into the account to allow IAP’s.

Setting up a Swedish Apple ID:

The instructions below allow the set up of the Swedish App store/iTunes account from anywhere in the world and can be completed on an iPhone or iPad (It is no longer possible to set up from a Mac or Pc), so here goes:

  • From the home screen on the iPhone or iPad select “App store”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign out of an existing iTunes account.
  • Search “Armed Heist” App using the search bar and select “Get”.
  • In the pop up box choose “Create Apple ID”.
  • Follow the set up process to add an email address (this will be the new Apple ID) and password and change the country using the drop down box to “Sweden”.
  • Click agree to terms and conditions and select Next.
  • Select “None” under billing details and fill in name, address, phone number (A Google search can help with this) and head to the next page.
  • Apple will send a verification code to the email address provided.
  • Check for the email and confirm the code where requested on the iPad or iPhone.

Once the account is set up the App will download onto the home screen alongside any other Apps and is ready to play!

To change back to an original iTunes store (if you had one), simply log out of the account and sign in with the other iTunes account log in details. The Armed Heist App will still remain on the screen to continue playing the game.

The Swedish store can then also be accessed again through signing in and out when required. The Swedish App store is quite popular for soft launch games, so keep an eye out on our blogs and we will keep you posted when any new soft launches are available too!

NOTE: Switching between accounts/ App store regions can only be done if no subscription services are switched on eg Apple music, iTunes match, so be sure to have them un-activated as to not encounter the “Apple 90 day lock out”.

Any questions?

Visit us at : and select our live chat service where we would be happy to assist you.