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What is the code to enter the academy in Blockworks’ 10 Years of Minecraft?

How to find the Academy

Enter the vault, go up the stairs and turn right 90 degrees. If you haven’t yet got in to the vault take a look at our instructions for that here.

There is a doorway in the middle of the wall on the right. Go through that and down the stairs. You will then see the vault in front of you.

There is a chest at the end of the corridor containing a book.

10 years of Minecraft - large chest and button in front of the Academy
The chest contains the code translator and the button underneath will give you a bird’s eye view

Under the chest is a grey button. Press the button to get a bird’s eye view of the massive open book that is in front of you.

10 Years of Minecraft - View of the book from above with two riddles written in galactic code
Bird’s eye view of the book with two coded riddles. The grey block on the right is the button to return to the ground.

What does the code say?

You can use the Code Translator book to translate the code letter by letter, but this takes a long time, and is a bit boring, so here is the translation:

I have a spine front and back but bones and teeth are what I lack.

On me you can write your name but first craft me with 3 sugar cane.

You’ve probably figured it out already but the answers to the two riddles are book and paper.


What next?

Press the grey button to return to the ground and head past the chest, up the middle of the massive book and through the doors into the massive enchantment table.

All around the walls of the room are images of different Minecraft items with levers above them. Just pull the levers above the book and the paper. The book is in the middle on the left, and paper is up the ladder on the right.

10 Years of Minecraft - the book lever and the stairs to the top of the enchantment table
Here you can see the location of the book lever and the stairs to the left of the entrance, after they have been unlocked.

There are two sets of stairs to the sides of the doors you came in through. After you pull the second lever the pieces of glass which are blocking the stairs will disappear and you can head up the stairs to the top of the enchantment table. Once you’re up there just go to the middle front of the table and you can walk up the middle of the book on top of the table and in to the academy.

10 Years of Minecraft - looking up to the academy from the top of the massive enchantment table
Nearly there…


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