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The Egg Riddle: how to get into the mob gardens in Blockworks’ 10 years of Minecraft

First you’ll need to know how to find the mob gardens – they’re hidden behind where the first minecart track comes up from underground at the entrance to the vault.

10 Years of Minecraft - How to get to the mob gardens
The way to the mob gardens is hiding behind the minecart station outside the vault

As you head towards the mob gardens you will find a large chest which has a book in with three riddles:

  1. Play a jingle and I’ll flap and wriggle, but don’t feed me chocolate – for my kind it’s toxic!
  2. Roses are red, violets are blue, give me a hug and I’ll hug you back – BOOM!
  3. They travel in hauntings, and are most certainly daunting. These tall chaps will disappear in a snap.

I found two and three pretty easy, but the first one took me a little longer to figure out (mainly because I had no idea they’re allergic to chocolate!). Anyway, the answers, in order, are:

  1. Parrot
  2. Creeper
  3. Enderman

Next we need to figure out what the spawn eggs for each of these mobs look like so we can locate their massive versions in the area in front of the mob gardens. Here they are:

Minecraft parrot spawn egg
Parrot spawn egg
Minecraft creeper spawn egg
Creeper spawn egg
Minecraft enderman spawn egg
Enderman spawn egg

The next problem is finding them amongst all the other massive eggs! The creeper egg is the easiest – from the chest head towards the mob gardens entrance and turn right when you’re halfway between the blue eggs with green dotes and green/yellow egg with brown dots on your right. The creeper egg is just one layer back between them.

10 Years of Minecraft - how to find the creeper egg
The creeper egg hiding between looking from the main path

Head up the ladder (you’ll need to jump as it doesn’t quite reach the floor) and open the trapdoor at the top. Once you’re inside, flick the lever and you’re done. Two more to find!

From the bottom of the ladder turn away from the chest and deeper into the eggs.

10 Years of Minecraft - heading from the creeper egg towards the enderman egg
Head this way for the enderman egg

Keep the light grey egg with red dots on your right and then pass the black/obsidian egg with red dots on your left. From here you should be able to get your first glimpse of the enderman egg low down in the distance. It is so dark it looks almost completely black unless you look at it closely. Head up into it, toggle the switch and head back down.

10 Years of Minecraft - How to find the enderman egg
First glimpse of the enderman egg in the distance

When you come down the ladder head back towards the chest. Use your map if you’ve lost your bearings.

Once you get to the chest, head up the stairs on the other side of it (the side we haven’t visited yet), next to the dark green egg with light green dots. Get up on the stone wall at the top and walk a little way along. When you’re alongside the second egg (light brown with dark brown dots) you will be able to see the parrot egg over towards the right.

10 Years of Minecraft - how to find the parrot egg
First sight of the bright green parrots egg

Once you’ve toggled the lever in the parrot egg, head back to the chest. A pressure plate will have appeared next to it – stand on it and you’ll be teleported straight into the mob gardens.

10 Years of Minecraft - step on the pressure plate to enter the mob gardens
Your reward – a pressure plate next to the chest, and the door in the distance is open
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