Mad Max Fury Road – Russian iTunes

It really is true…you can save £££ when you download the new Mad Max Fury Road from the Russian iTunes store compared to donwloading it in the UK store and the great news is no matter where you are in the world you can own a Russian iTunes account and we are here to help you do just that!
Not to mention Mad Max is not even available in the UK store, only for pre order available Monday 21st September! so downloading it from the Russian store means you will have it in time for the weekend too 🙂

Here at we specialise in selling iTunes codes and creating new iTunes accounts for our customers from all around the world. We also provide info on all the latest & cheapest downloads to save you money= very happy customers! 

Will Mad Max Fury Road be in English?

Yes! The film will be played with English audio, so no need to worry about your Russian language skills! See below we have included a screen shot of how mad max fury road looks in the Russian iTunes store:

As you can see the majority is all in English; so you will have no problems navigating through the iTunes store to find it and make the download. This also applies to changing the language from Russian to English when you play the film. You can change the language easily once you are playimg the film you can select Controls along the top left of the screen and select Audio & Subtitles , then choose English.

How will you make such a great saving??

The simple answer is because the Russian iTunes store film downloads are just SO CHEAP!!  Even after purchasing a Russian iTunes card from us and making the download there is still a huge 62% saving and an early viewing advantage!

What do you need to download Mad Max Fury Road from the Russian iTunes store?

So, you will need a Russian iTunes account, though this is very easy to set up as we explain below (or we can even do it for you!) and to access a new Russian iTunes account you will need the following:
1. An email address that is not linked to your other Apple ID
2. An iTunes gift card code (which we can email to you) so you can credit the account to download Mad Max Fury Road asap today!

How to order your iTunes gift card code?

It is very simple to order your iTunes gift card code which we email to you, simply use the link below to visit our available Russian gift card codes:

Visit our Russian iTunes cards now

Choose the amount of credit you would like for the new Russian iTunes account and make the order. Once we receive your order we will then complete a fast delivery to you with the code.
(Or see below about changing your delivery method if you would like us to set the account up for you)

How to set up your Russian iTunes account once you receive your redeem code from us?

Once you have received your iTunes redeem code you will be able to begin setting up your account. This can be done through following the step by step guide using the link below:

Guide to set up your own Russian iTunes account

Alternativley, if you would like us to set the account up for you should change the delivery method on your order from email delivery to “Create an iTunes account for me” and we will do the work for you! This service is free of charge for orders of £20 or above and for smaller orders will cost just £3.

Once your new Russian iTunes account is complete,you can then log into the account and simply search for “Mad max Fury Road” and make the purchase to then download the film!!

If you would like further information on anything mentioned above, here are some helpful links:

Information on our iTunes account creation service
Using multiple iTunes accounts/changing store location

Or do feel free to Contact us, we would love to hear from you and be happy to help.

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