How to watch US TV seasons using iTunes from anywhere in the world

Using the iTunes store to keep up to date with the latest Tv seasons from the US is a quick, efficient and legal method to watch each brand new episode as it is released.

The US iTunes store in particular often features early releases ahead of other countries iTunes stores, meaning earlier TV season releases, aswell as movies too.

Anyone can use the US iTunes store, from any country in the world providing an Apple ID is set up. As of September 2017 it is now only possible to create an Apple ID for a different country using an iPad or iPhone, but it is very easy to set up!

To set up an account, checkout our guide:

How to set up a US Apple ID using an iPad or iPhone

Once the account has been set up full access to the iTunes store will then be available for TV, movies, Apps, music and books.

On some occasions it has been known that a VPN may be required, in which case we would recommend IP Vanish.

Using multiple iTunes accounts

Multiple iTunes accounts can be used easily enough through signing in and out of accounts and all downloads will be stored in the same iTunes library ready to watch on any iOS device or Apple TV.

Though if any subscription services are active on either of the accounts, it will not be possible to simultaneously switch between accounts as this will cause the “Apple 90 day lock out”.