How to watch Madam Secretary season 4 outside the US?

Season 4 Madam Secretary has already been released into the US iTunes store, our research shows this is ahead of the release dates for other countries including the UK and Australia. The first episode was in fact first aired on US TV in early October.

The US iTunes store has currently released up to episode 3, as that is the latest episode to have been aired on US TV. The TV broadcasts in the US go out on a Sunday evening and it then appears that the episode is then released for download into the iTunes store the following day.

For fans of the show located outside the US, in the UK, Australia, or anywhere other country it has not yet been released in, there is not yet a date available of when it might be released. So to cut the waiting and start legally watching the new season of Madam Secretary right now, it is really easy to set up an Apple ID for the US from wherever you are located in the world.

Using the US iTunes store

Once a US Apple ID has been created this will provide full access to the content available in the US store; movies, Tv seasons, Apps, books and music. If an Apple ID is already in use on your device, it will be easy enough to use the two accounts and simultaneously switch between the two through logging in and out of accounts. To make things even easier all downloads are merged together and stored in the same iTunes library.

The set up of the account is free. There is no cost involved in setting up the account, browsing the available content download, or making free App downloads. However to make paid downloads there will need to be money in the account. Madam Secretary is currently $1.99USD for a single episode or $34.99USD for a season pass (for access to every episode of season 8 as it is released).

How to add credit into the US account?

A US iTunes account being used from outside the US will not be able to have a bank account/credit card linked to the account, so credit can be added through the use of US iTunes gift card codes. These can be ordered and paid for online from any country and the code will then be delivered by email.

Getting started setting up the US account…

The step by step instructions below will help to create the account from start to finish. These will work from any iPad or iPhone.

  • From the home screen on the iPhone or iPad select “App store”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign out of an existing iTunes account.
  • Choose any “FREE” App and select “Get”.
  • In the pop up box choose “Create Apple ID”.
  • Follow the set up process to add an email address (this will be the new Apple ID) and password and change the country using the drop down box to “United States”.
  • Click agree to terms and conditions and select Next.
  • Select “None” under billing details and fill in name, address, phone number (A Google search can help with this) and head to the next page.
  • Apple will send a verification code to the email address provided.
  • Check for the email and confirm the code where requested on the iPad or iPhone.

Once the account is set up simply use the new details to log into it and start using the US store! Downloads can be made through being selected and re entering the password to confirm the download.

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