How to redeem a free Apple promo code on an iPhone or iPad?

Got a free promo code you want to redeem on your iPhone or iPad?

Then it’s really easy to redeem the code and start playing the free app right away. You will need to have an iTunes account/Apple ID first before you can redeem the promo code (details at the bottom of this page on how to set up an Apple ID if you don’t have one).

Simple steps to redeeming a free promo code on iPhone or iPad:

  1. From the home screen select “App store”
  2.  Tap “Featured”
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “redeem”
  4. Enter the promo code

If the promo code was for a free App which has not been released yet the App will automatically download once the code has been redeemed. If the promo code is for an in app purchase the content will be released in the app once the promo code is redeemed.

Need to set up an iTunes account/Apple ID?

Then here is our free guide to setting up a new Apple ID:

How to create a new iTunes account/Apple ID

The link above is based on setting up a Canadian iTunes account, but if you are setting the Apple ID for another country then just be sure to change the details linked to Canada to instead relate to the country you are setting the account up for.

Need more iTunes credit?

If you are enjoying playing the new app through the promo code you redeemed, you can still continue to make in app purchases throughout the game using iTunes credit. Check out out website where iTunes gift card codes for countries all over the world can be delivered via email,fast. We have iTunes codes for most of popular soft launch countries: Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland plus many other such as: UK, US, France, Germany, Spain and lots more European countries!