How to Play Game of Thrones Conquest on iOS softlaunch.

GoT fans are in a frenzy at the moment with the release of season 7 and now the official Game of Thrones gaming App on iOS in soft launch. As it is currently only in soft launch on iOS it has been released in very few iTunes stores; Denmark, Philippines, Turkey and Indonesia.

If you aren’t familiar with game soft launches, the developers release the new version of the game in a limited number of countries usually to countries with smaller number of iOS users so they can test out the game and make updates/changes in time for the eventual world release.

Playing the soft launch…

However, even if you aren’t located in the countries listed above where it is available you can still play the soft launch. All you need to do is set up a new Apple ID/iTunes account for the country you wish to download it from and play the game from your own country. It is completely free to set up the account and download Game of Thrones Conquest.

Then if you wish to make in App purchases throughout the game play, this can be done through adding credit to the account using our iTunes gift card codes. We currently have iTunes gift codes available for Denmark, choose between 150Kr or 250Kr and once the purchase has been made you will receive a fast, email delivery of the iTunes code.

To set up an Apple ID for the Danish store, simply watch our You Tube video guide below and relate to Denmark:

(A VPN may be required)


*** As of September 2017 this video is no longer valid and accounts must be set up on an iPhone or iPad***

How to set up a Danish iTunes account on an iPhone or iPad instructions

Using the Danish iTunes store from any country

Once you have created the account you can then use the new sign in details to log in. This will prompt you to transfer to the Danish iTunes store. Once in the Danish iTunes store you will find it looks exactly the same as any other iTunes store, but parts will be in Danish. It is easy to navigate and typing in English in the search bar will also work. This is how you can search for Game of Thrones conquest. Once it has been searched and found select to download it, this will prompt you to re enter your password.

GoT conquest app will then be available to play on your iOS device.

You can switch between iTunes accounts for different countries through logging in and out. But please be aware that you cannot switch between accounts if you have any subscription services available such as Apple music, iTunes match etc, if you have any subscription services turned on and try to switch accounts this will cause the “Apple 90 day lock out”.

You can find out more about the Apple 90 day lock out here and how to prevent it.