How To Log into iTunes and Search The Store

If you are just starting out on iTunes you may need to know some of the basics to get going, so you can begin your downloads.
We have put together this simple step by step procedure to get you logged into your iTunes account and searching the store for your downloads. There are two parts, the first part is logging in and using iTunes on your iPhone or iPad and the second part is using iTunes with your PC.

Logging into iTunes on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Select the “Settings” App which will be displayed on your home screen.
  2. Scroll down to “iTunes & App Store” and select this option.
  3. Click over¬†“Apple ID” (it should now be the top option on your screen)
  4. This will give you the option to sign out of a current iTunes account and sign into a new iTunes account using the fields provided or simply log straight into your new account (if you were not already signed in)

Using iTunes once logged into your iTunes account on your iPhone/iPad

Once you are logged into your new iTunes account, you will then be able to search the iTunes/App store for your downloads.
To do this you will need to come out of the “settings” app trhough clicking your main circular button at the bottom of your handset/ipad and select the iTunes/App store App.Once in the App you will see at the bottom of the screen the choices to search in Music, Films, TV programmes or use the “search” magnifying glass to enter your specific download search.

Logging into iTunes on your PC

To log into iTunes on your PC, you will need iTunes installed on your desktop. To do this you can visit the Apple website and download the programme:

Once the download has completed, you will see the iTunes symbol (the same as the picture on this screen in the top left hand corner) on your desktop. You should select this and iTunes will begin to open and use the following steps to log in:

1. Once you are in iTunes you should select “Sign in” which is displayed in the top right hand corner of the iTunes screen.
2. This will bring up a small box where you should enter your username (Apple ID) and password and sign in.
3. You are now logged into iTunes! Clicking on your username displayed in the top right hand corner will give you various options, such as to view your available credit, change any account information or redeem new credit into the account.

Using iTunes once logged into your iTunes account on the PC

You will be able to search the iTunes store using the Music, Films or TV programmmes symbols displayed on the left hand sign of the screen, or search for specific items using the “Search Store” box on the right hand side of the screen.