How to download Square Enix NEW App Flame Vs Blaze

Flame Vs Blaze is the new App which has currently been out on soft launch in Japan and is now in the US and Canadian App stores only.

This popular 3v3 MOBA game consists of arena matches which last 10 minutes. We are taking this as a positive, considering other MOBA have had some criticism for only holding 30 minute matches which some gamers insist is too long! The game has some new features, one of which being when a monster is defeated they then become your allies to assist you in the battle.

Where can Flame Vs Blaze be played?

The Beta version of the game is currently available in the US and Canadian App store, but in actual fact the game can be played anywhere in the world, even if located outside of the US or Canada. All that’s needed is an Apple ID for either US or Canada which are easily set up from anywhere in the world, even if another iTunes account for a different country is being used on the same device.

How to set up a new Apple ID?

The following instructions are based on setting up a new Apple ID for the US from an iPhone or iPad. It is now only possible to set up an international Apple ID using an iPad or iPhone since the App store has recently been removed from the desktop App.

  • From the home screen on the iPhone or iPad select “App store”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign out of an existing iTunes account.
  • Choose any “FREE” App and select “Get”.
  • In the pop up box choose “Create Apple ID”.
  • Follow the set up process to add an email address (this will be the new Apple ID) and password and change the country using the drop down box to “United States”.
  • Click agree to terms and conditions and select Next.
  • Select “None” under billing details and fill in name, address, phone number (A Google search can help with this) and head to the next page.
  • Apple will send a verification code to the email address provided.
  • Check for the email and confirm the code where requested on the iPad or iPhone.

If an Apple ID for Canada is preferred then simply changing the above instructions to relate to Canada will allow the set up of a Canadian iTunes account.

The cost?

The initial set up following the instructions above is free and the Flame Vs Blaze App is also a free download. However, IAP’s are available throughout the game play and are as follows:

Top In-App Purchases

  1. 650 Topaz$5.99
  2. 1320 Topaz$11.99
  3. 100 Topaz$0.99
  4. 11000 Topaz$89.99

How to credit the account to make IAP’s?

Credit can be redeemed into the account through the use of iTunes gift card codes for Canada or the US depending on which account has been set up. iTunes gift card codes can be purchased online securely and the code delivered via email. Simply choose the country, the amount of credit required and place the order to receive the code.

Once the code has been received it can then be redeemed into the account:

How to redeem an iTunes gift card code?

We hope you enjoyed our blog today and enjoy the new Apple account and gaming!

Remember the new iTunes account can also be used to download other Apps, music, books, movies and TV too!