How to create an iTunes account for a different country

Creating a new iTunes account from anywhere in the world made easy!

Watch the video below on how to create a brand new iTunes account for free, this method can be used to create a new iTunes account for any country including America, England, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany and any other country that currently has an iTunes store.




Step 1. Go to your settings and log out of your current Apple account

Step 2. Log in to a VPN – connect to a US VPN

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Step 3. Back into settings and select don’t have an Apply ID.

Fill in D.O.B and name with your details

Step 4. Select an email address for your new account ensuring this is a valid email address which is not already connected with an existing Apple ID

Step. 5 create a password for your new account, enter the phone number of your choice, any valid number will be  accepted, this does not need to be a US phone number.

Step 6. Verify your selected email address, you will receive a 6 digit code from iTunes, enter this when prompted.

Step 7. Move out of settings and back into the App store and log in to the newly created account. Select review to move on to the step of creating your US account.

Step 8. Confirm the country you would like to set up for the account for, a list of options will be available.


Step 9. Payment details for a free account can be left selected on ‘none’ You will need to enter a valid country address, the phone number does not need to be a valid phone number but it does need to be in the correct format. Select done and continue.




And your new account is complete and ready to use!