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UK iTunes Essential Movies Offer – Classic films for just £3.99 each

iTunes are currently running an offer in the UK iTunes store where you can buy a range of modern classic films for just £3.99 each. All films are in HD with some in 4k. Apple haven’t said when the offer ends, and prices return to normal, so grab them while you can and add some timeless movies to your collection.


Highlights include Fightclub (and the quality is much better than the trailer!)…



…Life of Pi (4k)…



and Minority Report…



as well as Road to Perdition, Alien, Die Hard and I, Robot.


The offer is only available in the UK store, but if you don’t already have a UK iTunes account it’s easy to create one, wherever you are. Follow our step-by-step guide, or if you would prefer us to do it for you just buy any UK iTunes code from us, and select ‘account setup’ as your delivery method, and we’ll create one for you completely free. If you order £50 or more of UK iTunes credit from us we’ll even top it up with 10% bonus credit – buy £50 of credit and we will top you up to £55 – enough to buy all seven classic movies and some more!



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