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Download Game of Thrones season 6 from the UK or US today.

Currently Game of Thrones season 6 is not yet available in the UK or US iTunes store to download, but we know that it is available in the German iTunes store. So today we provide you with all the info you need to set up and use a German iTunes account from the UK, US, or of course anywhere in the world so you can begin downloading and watching Season 6 right away!

 The German iTunes store

Using the German iTunes store is easy and if you use iTunes already you will find it not much different to your own country iTunes store. Game of Thrones season 6 is available in both German and English, so if you don’t speak German be sure to select the English version to download! (This is clearly marked season 6, rather than staffel 6)

It is of course entirely legal and is simply a way for you to watch season 6 before others in your country waiting for the release in iTunes :)

How to create a German iTunes account

You will need a German iTunes account with iTunes credit in it to be able to download GOT from the German store – but don’t worry it’s very easy to do, as we explain below.

The first step…buying iTunes credit

We sell a wide range of iTunes gift card codes on our website allowing you to buy the iTunes credit amount of your choice online and receive the code fast using our email delivery service.

Buy a German iTunes code online here to download Game of Thrones season 6

Let us set the account up for you? 

This is always an option and is a completely free service that is available with your purchase. Should you wish to take advantage of this free service, simply order your iTunes gift card credit and change the delivery method to “Create an iTunes account for me” and we will set it up for you and email you with the account details – it really is that easy!

Or if you would like to receive the code via email and set up your own account by loading the credit then here are some instructions to help you along: How to set up a German iTunes account and redeem the iTunes code.

Downloading GOT Season 6

Once the account is set up and loaded with credit you are ready to log in and download Game of thrones!

The download will be stored in your iTunes library (alongside others if you have them) and can be played on your IOS device, laptop or Apple Tv.

Enjoy! and don’t forget just through making an iTunes purchase with us you will automatically be entered into our Monthly Money back competition. Good luck!

Please feel free to contact us for further details:

Twitter: @mitunestv
Or use our Live Chat: available on our website homepage
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