First you’ll need to know how to find the mob gardens – they’re hidden behind where the first minecart track comes up from underground at the entrance to the vault.

10 Years of Minecraft - How to get to the mob gardens
The way to the mob gardens is hiding behind the minecart station outside the vault

As you head towards the mob gardens you will find a large chest which has a book in with three riddles:

  1. Play a jingle and I’ll flap and wriggle, but don’t feed me chocolate – for my kind it’s toxic!
  2. Roses are red, violets are blue, give me a hug and I’ll hug you back – BOOM!
  3. They travel in hauntings, and are most certainly daunting. These tall chaps will disappear in a snap.

I found two and three pretty easy, but the first one took me a little longer to figure out (mainly because I had no idea they’re allergic to chocolate!). Anyway, the answers, in order, are:

  1. Parrot
  2. Creeper
  3. Enderman

Next we need to figure out what the spawn eggs for each of these mobs look like so we can locate their massive versions in the area in front of the mob gardens. Here they are:

Minecraft parrot spawn egg
Parrot spawn egg
Minecraft creeper spawn egg
Creeper spawn egg
Minecraft enderman spawn egg
Enderman spawn egg

The next problem is finding them amongst all the other massive eggs! The creeper egg is the easiest – from the chest head towards the mob gardens entrance and turn right when you’re halfway between the blue eggs with green dotes and green/yellow egg with brown dots on your right. The creeper egg is just one layer back between them.

10 Years of Minecraft - how to find the creeper egg
The creeper egg hiding between looking from the main path

Head up the ladder (you’ll need to jump as it doesn’t quite reach the floor) and open the trapdoor at the top. Once you’re inside, flick the lever and you’re done. Two more to find!

From the bottom of the ladder turn away from the chest and deeper into the eggs.

10 Years of Minecraft - heading from the creeper egg towards the enderman egg
Head this way for the enderman egg

Keep the light grey egg with red dots on your right and then pass the black/obsidian egg with red dots on your left. From here you should be able to get your first glimpse of the enderman egg low down in the distance. It is so dark it looks almost completely black unless you look at it closely. Head up into it, toggle the switch and head back down.

10 Years of Minecraft - How to find the enderman egg
First glimpse of the enderman egg in the distance

When you come down the ladder head back towards the chest. Use your map if you’ve lost your bearings.

Once you get to the chest, head up the stairs on the other side of it (the side we haven’t visited yet), next to the dark green egg with light green dots. Get up on the stone wall at the top and walk a little way along. When you’re alongside the second egg (light brown with dark brown dots) you will be able to see the parrot egg over towards the right.

10 Years of Minecraft - how to find the parrot egg
First sight of the bright green parrots egg

Once you’ve toggled the lever in the parrot egg, head back to the chest. A pressure plate will have appeared next to it – stand on it and you’ll be teleported straight into the mob gardens.

10 Years of Minecraft - step on the pressure plate to enter the mob gardens
Your reward – a pressure plate next to the chest, and the door in the distance is open

The vault is at the centre of the 10 Years of Minecraft map, and is the route to reach most of the other main areas of the map.

After taking a looooong minecart ride through the history of Minecraft you will reach the door to the vault. There is a chest on the right with a book in it with some information about the vault and a map. In front of you is a solid stone wall, and the area behind is blocked by panes of glass. On the walls on both sides are signs with the numbers 0-9 on them and a wooden button under each one.

10 Years of Minecraft - chest and buttons near the entrance to the vault
The book in the chest will tell you which buttons to press

The book has a couple of pages of writing but the thing to notice here is that it says at the top that there are 12 pages. Keep going through the blank pages and 10, 11 and 12 you will find the code:

17 05 09

This is the date (in European format) that Minecraft was first released!

Press the button under each of the correct numbers in order and the stone blocking the entrance to the vault, and the glass blocking the route to the mob gardens will disappear!

10 Years of Minecraft - the code for vault and how to get in: we're in!
And we’re in!

If you need any more help navigating the 10 Years of Minecraft map, take a look at our guide to getting into the Academy.


How to find the Academy

Enter the vault, go up the stairs and turn right 90 degrees. If you haven’t yet got in to the vault take a look at our instructions for that here.

There is a doorway in the middle of the wall on the right. Go through that and down the stairs. You will then see the vault in front of you.

There is a chest at the end of the corridor containing a book.

10 years of Minecraft - large chest and button in front of the Academy
The chest contains the code translator and the button underneath will give you a bird’s eye view

Under the chest is a grey button. Press the button to get a bird’s eye view of the massive open book that is in front of you.

10 Years of Minecraft - View of the book from above with two riddles written in galactic code
Bird’s eye view of the book with two coded riddles. The grey block on the right is the button to return to the ground.

What does the code say?

You can use the Code Translator book to translate the code letter by letter, but this takes a long time, and is a bit boring, so here is the translation:

I have a spine front and back but bones and teeth are what I lack.

On me you can write your name but first craft me with 3 sugar cane.

You’ve probably figured it out already but the answers to the two riddles are book and paper.


What next?

Press the grey button to return to the ground and head past the chest, up the middle of the massive book and through the doors into the massive enchantment table.

All around the walls of the room are images of different Minecraft items with levers above them. Just pull the levers above the book and the paper. The book is in the middle on the left, and paper is up the ladder on the right.

10 Years of Minecraft - the book lever and the stairs to the top of the enchantment table
Here you can see the location of the book lever and the stairs to the left of the entrance, after they have been unlocked.

There are two sets of stairs to the sides of the doors you came in through. After you pull the second lever the pieces of glass which are blocking the stairs will disappear and you can head up the stairs to the top of the enchantment table. Once you’re up there just go to the middle front of the table and you can walk up the middle of the book on top of the table and in to the academy.

10 Years of Minecraft - looking up to the academy from the top of the massive enchantment table
Nearly there…


Netflix and Amazon have long held the top spots for streaming TV and films. With new exclusive content not available anywhere else, such as The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, Outlander and Sneaky Pete from Amazon and from Netflix Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black and BoJack Horseman, they’ve set a high standard at a low monthly price.

Apple are said to be investing billions in a bid to rival Netflix and Amazon. Having already had success with Carpool Karaoke, Apple seem determined to break in to the streaming market. High-profile movie stars and directors are rumoured to be working with them to create their own TV series and movies. With the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jason Momoa and Richard Gere said to be involved in upcoming projects, the release date is eagerly awaited.

So far the indication is that the Apple streaming service will launch March 2019, though we will have to wait for confirmation for an exact date.

One huge rumoured advantage is that Apple are said to be in talks to release new movies just weeks after first appearing on the big screen. Meaning that miTunes customers worldwide will be able to access new movies quicker than ever before.

We may have come to expect that the service from Apple will be costly, however good news on that front as Apple are thought to be planning to undercut the competition. There’s even speculation that access to tv shows and films might be free via an Apple TV, iPhone and iPad via the TV app.

No word yet on which countries the service will launch in, but we will of course be helping our customers access it wherever they are!

It’s all just rumours at the moment so we’ll update this blog as soon as there are any definite details – check back soon!


This news comes at exciting times for Apple with their recent announcement that for the first time iTunes TV and movies will soon be available on Samsung and Sony TVs – read more about that here.

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It sounds like the app will come preloaded on new smart TVs bought from the launch date. There’s no exact launch date yet – Samsung are just saying ‘Spring 2019’ but we’ll update this page as soon as we know anything more. Samsung have said that 2018 models will receive iTunes too, via a firmware update, so don’t worry if you’ve recently bought one.

We know our customers will be keen to know which countries this will be available in at launch, and unfortunately we don’t yet have an answer. Samsung have said it will be available in ‘over 100 countries’, but that leaves a lot of countries without it. We’ll update this page as soon as we know which countries are included, and how to get it on your Samsung TV if you’re in a country that isn’t on the list.

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Game of Thrones season 1 and 2 special offer on uk iTunes store


The offer is only available in the UK store, but if you don’t already have a UK iTunes account it’s easy to create one. Follow our step-by-step guide, or if you would prefer us to do it for you just buy any UK iTunes code from us, and select ‘account setup’ as your delivery method, and we’ll create one for you completely free. If you order £50 or more of UK iTunes credit from us we’ll even top it up with 10% bonus credit – buy £55 of credit and we will top you up to £60.50 – enough to buy the full seven seasons!