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How to create a US iTunes account, if you are in a different country.

It is quite easy to create a US iTunes account, and access better content from the US iTunes store, even if you do not have a US address or bank card. This guide is for creating a US iTunes account, but the same method can be used for any of the other countries we sell iTunes cards for (UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark,  France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherland, Russia, Spain, Sweden or Switzerland).

Please note that if you are setting up a US account from outside of the US, a VPN may be required. In which case we can recommend the following VPN services:

IP Vanish
Box PN

These instructions are for iTunes 11 on Mac or PC. 

1.       The first thing to do is to ensure you are logged out of your existing iTunes account. Click on your email address in the top left corner of the store screen, and select sign out from the drop down menu. | How to create a US iTunes account - step 1
2.       Next, scroll down to the bottom of the iTunes store home page and click on the small flag in the bottom right corner. | How to create a US iTunes account - step 2
3.       On the next page, choose the country you wish to create an account for (in this example, USA). | How to create a US iTunes account - step 3
4.       You will then be returned to the Home page for the country you have selected. Next click ‘sign in’ in the top right of the screen. | How to create a US iTunes account - step 4

5. In the login window that appears click 'create Apple ID'. | How to create a US iTunes account - step 5

6.       On the next page click ‘Continue’. | How to create a US iTunes account - step 6
7.       On the following page, ensure the country at the top is correct (the country that you wish to create the account for, not the country you are in), and agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box, and clicking ‘Agree’. | How to create a US iTunes account - step 7

8.       On the next page, enter the email address, password and other details you wish to use for the account. These can be correct or not, it is up to you, but make a note of all the details you enter. You will need to be able to answer your security questions to confirm your first purchase, and may need them if you ever forget your password. The email address must not already be used for an Apple ID / iTunes account, and it should be one that you have access to.

9.       On the next page, ignore the credit card section and enter your gift card code in the box below. (If you do not already have a gift card code you can buy one from us, just select your country of choice from the menu near the top left of this page.) Enter your name and address details below. You can use your correct name, but you must use an address in the country you are creating the account for. If you are setting up a US account we recommend you use a Florida address as Florida does not charge sales tax on iTunes downloads. For all other countries the tax rate will be the same regardless of the address you use.

10.       Once you have entered all your details click ‘Continue’. This will cause an error message to appear saying the credit card number you entered is not valid. Simply select ‘none’ in the credit card section and press ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the screen again.

11.   Your account set up should now be complete, and you can start using your new account. Remember to come back to when you need any more codes!